Saturday, September 4, 2010

Which quality best describes your life?

my best quality in life is being good at achiveing my goals i dance and lpb and were working really hard on our shows and learning the step i always try to do my best and listen to miss kaysie and each show i do i when it all over i feel overwealmed that i achived the goal and danced my best also i just got adopted so im trying to be a good daughter to my mommy and daddy and a good sister to my brother and sissy bro is teaching me all about buliding and im trying my best to learn mommy and daddy help me achive my goals with school and help me the best they can also i joined the cheer team and we work hard on the cheers and i give my best team spirit i can i try to be a good friend to all and try to find ways to be a better person everyday in all ways of life me shy but im trying hard to over come my shy ness and learn to trust witch is very hard for me but its a life goal i have to work on

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