Monday, August 30, 2010

why do you think it is important that we try to save endangered species

i think its important to save endangered sneezies cuz they are fun too look at and fun to learn about and if all thems went a away we woun't be able to look or learn about them people woun't have books to right about we woun't have musimes and we woun't have topics on anmailes if all the animles were gone we would not have much to learns about in school when it came the topics about aimales so id we dident save are animales we woun't have much of a rain forest or zoos

Friday, August 27, 2010

what you think of people who take advantage of other people.

what i think about people or kids that take advantage of other people or kids i think its wrong becuse if u take advantage of someone it hurts them and you and its not nice how can people trust u again if u do that if u dont treat them with love and kindness they wont treat you with respect  people do things for u cuz they love you and u shoun't take advantage of someone love or it could brake there hearts and in the end you lose friends and family you love me love my mommy daddy and friends everyone time someone does something nice for u or says some thing nice u should do or say something nice back to show u care in the end you feel alot better about u self and they show u more love in return

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

if i could pick a super power to have .....

if me could pick a super power to have it would be to fly like tinker bell or fairys sore threw the air swim over oceans fly threw the clouds and reach the rain bows me also would like to be able to have magic fairy dust when some ones down or hurting or sick the dust would fix everything and no one would ever be sad agains me would also like the super power to read mind so me coulds tell what mommy and daddy doing for my birthdays giggles

Monday, August 23, 2010

what i think when august comes around

when august comes around me thinks of getting back to school and going to the fairs me also thinks about reminding everyone dat me birthday is the next month giggles me thinks about the weathers changeing and the cold raining days comeing and going and the cool nights .

first day of school me so excited

hey everyone
yay todays the first day of school im sooo excited and can't wait too see my old friends and met new ones me does have the first day of school jitters will they wikes me will the teacher wilke me we others sit by me at lunch its exciting but scary for me really really can't wait mommy and daddy said it ok to be scared but everthing will be fine me hopes there right see u all at school huggggies

Saturday, August 21, 2010

my first school asign ment doing this blog

hey miss nevy
gave us are first home work asign ment and heres mine doing the blog hmmm
not much to write about yet im looking forward to the first day of school when i was signing up to reg for school it was soo exciting and the first sight of the school brought wittle tears in my eyes the school wooked so cool and big sooo meny kids was theres me saw old friends from camp and made new friends me cant wait to start school please make sure u come back to check my blog all be updatein it threw out the school year with projects and stuff going on at school pics to fallow