Tuesday, September 21, 2010

what ive learned in miss nevy class

the first day of school was soo cool we learned about johnny apple seed and i thought it was really cool.
ive learned that school can be hard but fun too and u learn alot more if you try . we learned about biodomes and how meny different ones there are i really had fun learning about buliding and about the bidomes . we learned lots of new words in spelling and some were hard for me but i tryed hard and did ok . we learned about cinquain poems and silybulls that was a lil hard for me but i tryed hard and got it done ok . we also learned that if ur bad at lunch u get ur recess taken away . i learned its ok to ask for help and not beafraid to say i cant do this or i dont understand i also learned dont repeat words you dont know even if all ur friends are saying them class has been really fun and i cant wait to contuine learning more

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