Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Once, when you were frightened, what happened?

hmmm me gets scared alot one time i was scared cuz me was shoping in sl and man walked up to me he asked me if i wanted to go play with his toys i told hims no cuz my mommy wasent home and walked away then hims imed me with dirty talk so me reported him to the sl police and thems tooks him to jail me thinks . a nother time i got scared was when me and my brother were at a sim and he lefted me theres all a lone and it was at night and it was dark and spookie me don't like the dark or being alone me always has me teddy to fight off the dark or scary times hes good at it =)

Monday, September 27, 2010

how do u feel about halloween

hmmm me thinks halloween has it's up and downs its good cuz u can dress up and and go trick or treating and and get lots of candy . you can have halloween parties and go bobing for apples and eat candyapples and have costume contests and win prizes . i like halloween cuz disney has cute none scary halloween movies like halloween town 1 2 and 3 but its scary time for me to i dont like to be scared i dont likes horor or spiders or anything scary and hallowen is sometimes beary scary me also dont like walking the dark streets alone when going trickortreating so me has mixed feelings about halloween but me loves it most of the time it is fun and not scary

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

what ive learned in miss nevy class

the first day of school was soo cool we learned about johnny apple seed and i thought it was really cool.
ive learned that school can be hard but fun too and u learn alot more if you try . we learned about biodomes and how meny different ones there are i really had fun learning about buliding and about the bidomes . we learned lots of new words in spelling and some were hard for me but i tryed hard and did ok . we learned about cinquain poems and silybulls that was a lil hard for me but i tryed hard and got it done ok . we also learned that if ur bad at lunch u get ur recess taken away . i learned its ok to ask for help and not beafraid to say i cant do this or i dont understand i also learned dont repeat words you dont know even if all ur friends are saying them class has been really fun and i cant wait to contuine learning more

Friday, September 17, 2010

what if cows gave root beer instead of milk ?

hmm if cowies gave rootbeer instead of milk it would be soo cool cuz we woulds have soda any time we wants . we could make rootbeer floats for breakiefest . we could have rootbeer foutains any where we wanted . we could make rootbeer shakes and rootbeer candy . instead of icecream pops we would have rootbeer iceies and all are food would be cooked with soda

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

five things i like about fall

the one thing i like about fall is the colors of the leaves
the secon thing i like about fall is seeing the pumpkins and all the pretty fall wreaths people put out side
the third thing i like about fall is it means it time for the fairs to start and that means caddy apples and cocton candy the four thing i like about fall is its all most halloween so soo it time to dress up and buy skittles lol fiveth thing i like about fall is the halloween shows on disney and the movies that are on halloween night

Monday, September 13, 2010

If you were mouse in your house for the evening, what would you see your family doing?

hmmm if i was mousie in my house i would see us all comeing home from mouseie school and mommy mouse and daddie mouse would pick us up and we would go home in our mousie car and mommy would cook dinner while me and my brother and sister played chase the cat or watched mickey mouse cartoons then mom would call us for dinner and we would say are mousie prayers and then me we eats are cheeze dinners then mommmy would gives us our baths and tuck us in for bed

Friday, September 10, 2010

what does the month of steptember remind me of

hmmmm september reminds me that the trees are starting  to turn and school back in and in rl the fairs come to town so that mean rides and candy apples and pumkin contest and soon halloween will be here soon and that means its time to make costumes and plane halloween partys aand halloween town paraid come right a round the corner and the month of september is my birthday and thats sooo cools

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What would happen if children ruled the world

hmmm this is a beary good topic if children ruled the world everywhere you go it would be a land of candy and skittle flover roads and rivers made of cholate . there would be teddy bears at ever corner and when u came to store they would be nothing but toy stores and candy stores and play grounds . if children ruled the world there were be no rules and school would be a place to have fun and play we woulds have no bed time and get no veggies we would have nothing but yummy junck foods to eat and wes woun't have to get shots or brush are teethies it would be awsome worlds

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Which quality best describes your life?

my best quality in life is being good at achiveing my goals i dance and lpb and were working really hard on our shows and learning the step i always try to do my best and listen to miss kaysie and each show i do i when it all over i feel overwealmed that i achived the goal and danced my best also i just got adopted so im trying to be a good daughter to my mommy and daddy and a good sister to my brother and sissy bro is teaching me all about buliding and im trying my best to learn mommy and daddy help me achive my goals with school and help me the best they can also i joined the cheer team and we work hard on the cheers and i give my best team spirit i can i try to be a good friend to all and try to find ways to be a better person everyday in all ways of life me shy but im trying hard to over come my shy ness and learn to trust witch is very hard for me but its a life goal i have to work on

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

if you could be any animale what would it be and why

hmmmm if me could be any animale it would a cuddle teddy bear becuse they are always soo sunggle and loveable and they listen to you when u needs them and they never complain they take away the scaries and they always love to play tea party and they never says no they laffs at all you jokes and they always there when u dont feel wells or when u fall down and get hurt they heal your bobos and they can change in to differnt colors and they can even ware dress up outfits and u can bring them to church if they dont talkie my teddy is beary talkative but shes still my bear best friend and teddyies are soo cool and i love to be just like them some days